Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Shiju H. Pallithazheth presents the Foreword to

Scentsibility edited by Ayo Gutierrez and Edentu Oroso (GMGA Publishing and Pixel and Feather Printing & Digital Services, Philippines, 2020)



Isn’t it every morning when we stretch our hands wide and give out a loud yawn, that we get to sniff the first scent of the day? I’m sure you would have said by now “Yes, indeed.” Well, life has varied moments such as when we gather and grasp its aroma and fullness. Poetry is beyond that common thinking where we limit life to its mechanics. 


This wonderful poetry book titled Scentsibility captures the varied aroma of such moments which has been glorified by some worldwide poets. The participating poets have captured their broadened thoughts on life’s aroma through the limitless scope of written art. When the compiling editor Ayo Gutiérrez thought about this theme in this latest anthology, which is a product of GMGA publication, I’m sure her aim was to gather some talented poets from all corners of the world to bring out a collective global scent that life emanates to its readers.


 I had a great time reading the wonderful poems in this literary treasure which impact us with a fragrance, and awakes our senses to life’s infinite capabilities. Scentsibility is a unique collection of poems which does relay a priceless reading experience to the end-users. When the contemporary readers search for scripts that can broaden their thoughts on life, and the ones with varied trends, this anthology does fill that vacuum with some memorable and amusing writings. 


Reading a good poetic anthology is like witnessing a symposium with its varied tunes and a common mood. Here, the common mood is the theme which is ‘scents of life’s capabilities’ and the varied tunes this book comprises, are its multiple authors who took great efforts to add glory to this book of social purpose. 


I will definitely applaud its editors Ayo Gutiérrez and Edentu Oroso for two reasons. First, they have taken pains to make sure that the best of poems are chosen to construct this treasured book to amuse readers. Second, it isn’t an easy task to edit a book to make sure that it remains in sync with literary precision. But the editors have successfully managed to keep the quality of this book on an elevated status. What more can you ask for.


Scents of life have a varied aroma. When you read the poems of this book, open up your mind to absorb its varied fragrance. It will help you look at the world on a more productive front and with affection. 


So, what are you waiting for? Flip through the pages and inhale its scent; the wonderful poems ahead are sure to enthrall you with the better realisation of life. And do thank your mind if it did gather more breeze after having read the magic of word art in this book of poetic valuables. You are sure to get more scentsible! 



Shiju H. Pallithazheth * Author of the Bestseller Katashi Tales * Founder - Motivational Strips * Co-President - World Nations Writers Union * Executive President - Union Hispanomundial De Escritores * Global Advisor - Lasosyasyon Lar Sans Frontyer (LLSF), Government of Seychelles

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