Monday, November 23, 2020



The Filipino Cookbook by Miki Garcia with photographs by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni

(Tuttle Publishing, 2010)

Dear Miki Garcia and Luca Tettoni,

Thank you for The Filipino Cookbook. I borrowed it last April from the library close to our house in Davis. Mama has several cookbooks but yours is the one I like most because I don't have to read a long story just to get to the recipe.

For my 9th birthday dinner in September, I looked through your book and asked Mama to make me Sinangag, Humba, Pancit, and Lumpia. Everything was delicious! It's too bad all my cousins couldn't come to share because of the Corona Virus.

Sinangag, with bacon or ham or SPAM, is my favorite breakfast. I followed your recipe once and now I can make it all by myself.

I also know now know how to make Leche Flan. It's so easy. My aunt, Leche Flan maker for our family parties, gave me all her flan molds and said it is now my turn.

Soon I'll be able to make Humba. Mama said it used to be her favorite when she still lived in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. I like it, too, though I do not see this often at family parties.

I don't want to own a restaurant or work in one. I just like to cook and bake and share with friends because Filipino food is the best food in the whole world! I dream of going back again to the Philippines and eating yummy Filipino food all day, every day.

But now I'm sad because we have to return your book to the library because it's several months overdue and we just received a bill. I'll add your book to my Christmas wish list for Grandma.

Thank you!

Jack Villanueva
Resident Chef, Baker, Tinker, and Avid Reader
The Davis Learning Lab


Jack Villanueva, nine-years-old, is the resident chef, baker, tinker of the Davis Learning Lab. When not tinkering or minecrafting, he can be found wrapped in his fuzzy blanket, reading his current favorite comics, Beginning Pearls.

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