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The Halo-Halo Review is open to reviewing English works by Filipino authors. Titles reviewed need not be recent releases. If you are a publisher, author or publicist who would like to submit a review copy for consideration, please contact us at galateaten at gmail dot com

Deadline for Issue #8: Oct. 15, 2019

We are open to reviews of books for which reviewers already own copies. In addition, we provide a selection of review copies, as listed below in alphabetical order by the authors' or editors' last names.  Any reviewing style is acceptable. 

Inexperienced reviewers should feel free to participate. Editor Eileen R. Tabios is willing to work with you, if you need support.

Note: We are also open to reviews of individual short stories and poems and not just books. This includes short stories and poems published in the internet.


The Kissing by Merlinda Bobis (Aunt Lute Press, San Francisco, 2001)

Vinciguerra by Elaine Castillo (Writers Club Press/IUniverse, 2001)

HER WILD AMERICAN SELF by M. Evelina Galang+ (Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 1996)

The Descartes Highlands by Eric Gamalinda (novel, Akashic Books, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2015)

STAMPED by Kawika Guillermo (Westphalia Press, Washington D.C., 2018)

MANILA NOIR edited by Jessica Hagedorn (short story anthology, Akashic Books, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2013)

LECHE by R. Zamora Linmark (Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 2011)

A Series of Un/Natural/Disasters by Cheena Marie Lo (Commune Editions, 2016)

Age of Blight by Kristine Ong Muslim (Unnamed Press, 2016)

AMERICAN SON by Brian Ascalon Roley (W.W. Norton & Co., New York, 2001)4

The Hour of Daydreams by Renee Macalino Rutledge+ (Forest Avenue Press, 2017)

EXACTLY HERE, EXACTLY NOW by Nadine Sarreal (Giraffe Books, Philippines, 2000)

The Lowest Blue Flame Before Nothing by Lara Stapleton (Aunt Lute Press, San Francisco, 1998)

SILK EGG: Collected Novels (2009-2009) by Eileen R. Tabios (Shearsman Books, U.K., 2011)5

Monstress by Lysley Tenorio (short stories, Harper Collins, New York, 2012)

THE MUSIC CHILD and Other Stories by Alfred Yuson (short stories, Anvil Publishing, Pasig City, 1991)


After projects the resound by Kimberly Alidio (Black Radish Books, 2016)

THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU PROJECT, Eds. Ivy Alvarez, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Ernesto Priego and Eileen Tabios (Meritage Press and xPress(ed), San Francisco & St. Helena and Puhos, Finland, 2010)3

KALI'S BLADE by Michelle Bautista (Meritage Press, San Francisco & St. Helena, 2006)

1000 Views of Girl Singing edited by John Bloomberg-Rissman (Leafe Press, U.K., 2009) 
Description: The starting point was the poem "The Secret Life of an Angel" by Eileen Tabios, itself a response to the poem "Girl Singing" by Filipino Poet José Garcia Villa. Bloomberg-Rissman used various transformational procedures to produce versions of Tabios' poem, or new poems based upon it. More information is available HERE.

Bridgeable Shores: Selected Poems (1969-2001) by Luis Cabalquinto, edited by Eileen Tabios (Kaya Press, New York, 2001)2

BABAYLAN: AN ANTHOLOGY OF FILIPINA AND FILIPINA AMERICAN WRITERS, edited by Nick Carbo and Eileen Tabios (Aunt Lute Press, San Francisco, 2000)

RETURNING A BORROWED TONGUE, edited by Nick Carbo+ (Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 1995)4
The Pink House of Purple Yam Preserves & Other Poems by Aileen Cassinetto+ (Little Dove Books / Our Own Voice, San Mateo, 2018)

MUSEUM OF ABSENCES by Luis H. Francia (Meritage Press & University of the Philippines Press)3, 6
TATTERED BOAT by Luis H. Francia (University of Philippines Press, 2014) 7

Flippin': Filipinos on America, co-edited by Luis H. Francia and Eric Gamalinda (Asian American Writers Workshop, New York, 1996)

SCREAMING MONKEYS: Critiques of Asian American Images edited by M. Evelina Galang, in collaboration with Poetry Editor Eileen Tabios, Nonfiction Editor Sunaina Maira, Art Editor Jordan Isip and Found Images Editor Anida Yoeu Esguerra (Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 1996)
BLUE by Reme Grefalda and Wesley St. Jo (Paloma Press, 2017)

traje de boda by Aileen Ibardaloza (Meritage Press, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2010)3

THE BUDDHA WONDERS IF SHE IS HAVING A MID-LIFE CRISIS by Luisa A. Igloria (Phoenicia Publishing, Montreal, 2018)

A Series of Un/Natural/Disasters by Cheena Marie Lo (Commune Editions, 2016)4

THE GULAG ARKIPELAGO by Sean Labrador y Manzano (Tinfish, Hawai'i, 2012)
ARCHIPELAGO OF DUST by Karen Llagas (Meritage Press, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2012)1, 8

FANBOYS: Poems about Teaching and Learning by Lani T. Montreal (Finishing Line Press, Georgetown, KY, 2018)

WE WILL SEE THE SCATTER by Jasmine Nikki C. Paredes (chap, Dancing Girl Press & Studio, Chicago, 2014)

ALL THINGS LOSE THOUSANDS OF TIMES by Angela Penaredondo (Inlandia Books, Riverside, CA, 2016)

AMANDA by Amanda Ngoho Reavey (An Operating System Publication, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2015)
A TRANSPACIFIC POETICS, edited by Lisa Samuels and Sawako Nakayasu, featuring Filipino writers Barbara Jane Reyes, Sean Labrador Y Manzano and Eileen R. Tabios (Litmus Press, Brooklyn, 2017)

FOR THE CITY THAT NEARLY BROKE ME by Barbara Jane Reyes (chap, Aztlan Libre Press, San Antonio, TX, 2012)

INVOCATION TO DAUGHTERS by Barbara Jane Reyes (City Lights, San Francisco, 2017)

Anemal, Uter Meck by Mg Roberts (Black Radish Books, 2017)

ANNE WITH AN E & ME by Wesley St. Jo (Paloma Press, San Mateo, 2018)

ONE TWO THREE: Selected Hay(na)ku Poems by Eileen R. Tabios (a bilingual edition with translations by Rebeka Lembo) (Paloma Press, San Mateo, 2018)

HIRAETH: Tercets from the Last Archipelago by Eileen R. Tabios (Knives Forks & Spoons Press, U.K., 2017)

MURDER DEATH RESURRECTION: A Poetry Generator by Eileen R. Tabios+ (Dos Madres Press, Loveland, OH, 2018)

LOVE IN A TIME OF BELLIGERENCE by Eileen R. Tabios (Editions du Cygne, Paris, 2017)6

MANHATTAN: An Archaeology by Eileen R. Tabios (Paloma Press, 2017)

THE OPPOSITE OF CLAUSTROPOBIA: Prime's Anti-Autobiography by Eileen R. Tabios (Knives Forks & Spoons Press, U.K., 2017)5

AMNESIA: Somebody's Memoir by Eileen R. Tabios (Black Radish Books, 2016)

THE CONNOISSEUR OF ALLEYS by Eileen R. Tabios (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2016)3

INVENT(ST)ORY: Selected and New Catalog Poems 1996-2015 by Eileen R. Tabios+ (Dos Madres Press, Loveland, OH, 2015)2

SUN STIGMATA (Sculpture Poems) by Eileen R. Tabios (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2014/7)

THE THORN ROSARY: Selected Prose Poems & New (1998-2010) by Eileen R. Tabios (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2010)

ALL TITLES (that are not out of print) by Eileen R. Tabios are available for review; check list of her books by going HERE and clicking on "Publications."
VERSES TYPHOON YOLANDA: A Storm of Filipino Poets edited by Eileen Tabios (Meritage Press, San Francisco & St. Helena, 2014). Description available at the Book Blog. 3

PRAU by Jean Vengua (Meritage Press, St. Helena & San Francisco, 2007)3

HAY(NA)KU 15 Edited by Eileen R. Tabios (Meritage Press / Paloma Press, 2018)

THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU ANTHOLOGY Edited by Ivy Alvarez, Ernesto Priego, John Bloomberg-Rissman and Eileen Tabios (Meritage Press, San Francisco & St. Helena)

THE HAY(NA)KU ANTHOLOGY, VOL. II Edited by Jean Vengua & Mark Young (Meritage Press, San Francisco & St. Helena, 2008)1


DIASPORIC INTIMACIES: Queer Filipinos and Canadian Imaginaries, Edited by Robert Diaz, Marissa Largo, and Fritz Pino (Northwestern University Press, Evanston, IL, 2018)

#30 Collantes Street by Lisa Suguitan Melnick (memoir-vignettes, Philippine American Writers and Artists, San Francisco, 2015)

A TRANSPACIFIC POETICS, edited by Lisa Samuels and Sawako Nakayasu, featuring Don Mee Choi, Melanie Rands, Jai Arun Ravine, Ya-Wen Ho, Barbara Jane Reyes, Sean Labrador Y Manzano, Eileen R. Tabios, Murray Edmond, Susan Schultz, Craig Santos Perez, Corey Wakeling, Lehua M. Taitano, Stuart Cooke, Myung Mi Kim (Litmus Press, Brooklyn, 2017)  [If reviewer wishes, focus should be on the Filipino authors]

TO BLACK PARENTS VISITING EARTH: Raising Black Children in the 21st Century by Janet Stickmon (Broken Shackle Publishing, El Cerritos, CA 2018)

FLYING OVER KANSAS: Personal Views by Rowena Tiempo Torrevillas (essays, Giraffe Books, Quezon City, 1998)

The Epistolary Criticism of Manual A. Viray: In Memoriam, Collected by L.M. Grow (Giraffe Books, Quezon City, 1998)

Note: A "+" by the author's or editor's name indicates the review copy is being perused by a potential reviewer and may not be immediately available. But just query the Editor to be sure.

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