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THE HALO-HALO REVIEW'S Mangozine: Issue 9

In addition to aggregating reviews from the internet, THE HALO-HALO REVIEW presents The Mangozine which features new reviews and serves as the online publisher for reviews and other engagements (e.g. book introductions) published in print but not yet available within the internet.  Other features, including author interviews and reader testimonials, also will be presented. The following presents a Table of Contents for Issue 9 -- CLICK on links to go to the reviews.

(April 2020)

Editor's Note:  Welcome to the ninth issue of THE HALO-HALO REVIEW where we provide engagements with Filipino-PilipinZ literature and art and authors/artists through reviews and engagements, interviews and other prose. We hope readers, writers, artists, and publishers will continue to participate and share information about numerous Filipino authors and the wide variety of their writings. 

The Mangozine's Review Copy information is HERE; you are encouraged to fatten up the list as well as pick some to review! Submission deadline for the tenth issue has been set at Nov. 15, 2020 (though I will take reviews sooner than the deadline if that is more convenient for the reviewers).

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Engaged by Eileen Tabios

The Patron Saint of Nothing by Randy Ribay (Stripes Publishing Limited, 2019) (1)
Engaged by Von Torres 

The Patron Saint of Nothing by Randy Ribay (Stripes Publishing Limited, 2019) (2)
Reviewed by Noelle Q. de Jesus

"New Moon"--Poem by Luisa A. Igloria and Dance by Joel Casanova (ODU MFA program's Writers in Community outreach for April NaPoMo and BeatHunter Dance Program, 2020)
Engaged by Eileen Tabios

Reviewed (w/ brief interview) by Maileen Hamto

The Artist as Culture Producer: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, edited by Sharon Louden; this review focuses on Norberto Roldan and Stephanie Syjuco (Intellect Books / University of Chicago Press, 2017)
Engaged by Eileen Tabios
Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater
Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater
Engaged by Mylene Leng Leng

The Kissing by Merlinda Bobis
 (Aunt Lute Press, San Francisco, 2001)
Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater

I Was Their American Dream by Malaka Gharib (Penguin Random House, 2019)
Engaged by Jack Villanueva

A TRANSPACIFIC POETICS, edited by Lisa Samuels and Sawako Nakayasu, featuring Filipino writers Barbara Jane Reyes, Sean Labrador Y Manzano and Eileen R. Tabios (Litmus Press, Brooklyn, 2017)
Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater

GLIMPSES: A Poetic Memoir by Leny Mendoza Strobel (Paloma Press, San Mateo, 2019)
Reviewed by Christopher Bowers 

Cursed and Other Stories by Noelle Q. de Jesus (Penguin Random House Southeast Asia, 2019)
Engaged by Eileen Tabios

Old and New Poems by Allan Justo Pastrana (2020); Shifting Sands by Irah Borinaga (Giraffe Books, 1997); and PASSAGES: Selected Travel Essays by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo (USTPH, 2008)
Reviewed by Aloysiusi Polintan

Trill & Mordent by Luisa A. Igloria (WordTech Editions, 2005)
Engaged by Christine Fojas

Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater


Reine Arcacha Melvin / The Betrayed: A Novel
Jen Soriano / Making the Tongue Dry
Leny Mendoza Strobel / GLIMPSES: A Poetic Memoir
Marianne Chan / All Heathens
Noelle Q. de Jesus / Cursed and Other Stories

Go HERE to read:

*     Eileen Tabios on Angela Manalang Gloria
*     Sean Labrador y Manzano on Ron Loewinsohn
*     Beverly Parayno on Lisa Melnick
*     Jonel Abellanosa on Ralph Semino Galan
*     Eileen Tabios on Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor
*     Sarah de Mesa on Noelle Q. De Jesus
*     Eileen Tabios on Eunice Barbara C. Novio
*     Carlene Sobrino Bonnivier on Cecilia Brainard
*     Eileen Tabios on Marianne Chan


From Books: Introductions, Prefaces, Forewords, Afterwords and Author's Notes

Eileen Tabios presents Foreword to Glimpses: A Poetic Memoir by Leny Mendoza Strobel (Paloma Press, 2019)

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