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Outlaw Mage: The Dageian Puppetmaster #1 by K.S.Villoso

(Vigil Publishing Co., 2023)



Rosha had a hard time fitting in. Her uncontrolled magic led to a tragic accident. To harness her and her developing gifts, she was sent to the most prestigious academy for aspiring mages in the kingdom. Her classmates and teachers saw her as an outsider. Even though she was top of her class, she ran away from school during her final exams. Now seen as an outlaw, she lives outside the fringes of society, but her father’s disappearance brings her back home. Rosha takes on the persona of a powerful sorcerer to reunite her family. 

Outlaw Mage: A Magical School Dropout’s Adventure: The Dageian Puppetmaster is the first book in a new series by K.S. Villoso. With a compelling main character, Villoso leads the reader on a magical adventure. Much of the novel is reflected in Villoso’s own personal life. Having grown up in Tauig, Philippines and later moving to Canada, Villoso’s main character, Rosha is also an immigrant. Rosha endured hardships as the only girl of color in a school cutthroat magic school. Villoso’s writings tackle issues immigrants may face in everyday life. As outsiders, Villoso and Rosha both take on a system designed to see outsiders fail. With their wit, and much mischief and mayhem, both writer and character persevere. 

This is a four star fantasy filled with shadowy intrigue and hidden conspiracies around every turn. Even though the drama is not action-packed, Villoso’s tale is engaging and entertaining. This is a brilliant read. Fans looking for a magical epic fantasy with a strong female lead and a dark plot will be enthralled. Outlaw Mage could also be inspiring to readers who find themselves as outsiders in navigating unfair systems.  



As a lifelong nerd, Eric Smith enjoyed learning and reading. His interests ranged from nature to science-fiction and fantasy to comic books. Learning about mythology and folklore became a gateway into other cultures. His Filipino wife shares his fascination with the written word. She has expanded his knowledge of the Philippines myths and legends and the nature of the region. During the lockdowns of 2020, Eric found sanctuary in the pages of books. When the opportunity to review books came up, he jumped on the chance. Eric has sought out novels, anthologies, and graphic novels that intrigued him. He has been able to review works by authors and artists he enjoys reading and has become familiar with new writers. 

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