Monday, November 20, 2023


 Monobon by Skye Ibarra


it’s just weird how


brewed coffee waterfalls in a sixteen ounce cup, still steaming outta machine. bees rest on a yellow daisy, pollinating. ice melts forming puddles and pools for ants. her mouth forms an 'o' on the beer bottle's opening. manila isn't just a city, it's where my memories pass by. the stars aren't for you because the skies own them. circles are just cornerless squares. pillows are just sponges for tears. with all that twists and turns, i'm just here to tell you that...

gloria diaz was behind me at buddha cafe ongpin during my mom's birthday.




Skye Ibarra is a creative writing student from the University of Santo Tomas, who is aspiring to be a filmmaker. She has a passion for arts and literature that can evidently be seen on her written and drawn drafts, and appreciation through interpretations. Moreover, as an aspiring filmmaker, her interests also revolve around watching and criticizing. Additionally, her focus in writing is mostly on day-to-day experiences, romance and heartbreaks, and melancholy.


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