Friday, September 18, 2015


Editor's Note

I wanted to offer as much content as possible for the first issue in order to show examples of what can appear in future issues. So I apologize that the first issue is heavy on my book projects (what I've written/edited and authors I've published through Meritage Press or had reviewed in a journal I edit, Galatea Resurrects).  This results from the limited review copies available at this stage to a start-up journal. We hope readers, writers and publishers will be encouraged by Issue I to participate and share information about numerous Filipino authors and the wide variety of their writings. Review Copy information is HERE; you are encouraged to fatten up the list as well as pick some to review!

As well, send me links to reviews/engagements with Filipino literature! These links will be aggregated in various genre categories displayed HERE. Updating the genre categories with links will occur as information is received.

One of the most interesting features of The Mangozine is its putting online various Introductions, Prefaces, Afterwords and Authors' Notes to published books. As it turns out, the presented essays in Issue I corroborate the need for a journal like THE HALO-HALO REVIEW -- it highlights the uniqueness of English-language Filipino literature that cannot be subsumed in other categories like "Asian American" or "People of Color" literature.  I am personally delighted to inaugurate this section with the Introduction to the anthology that had introduced me to Filipino English-language literature, Luis H. Francia's Brown River, White Ocean.  Feel free to suggest other books which may offer useful contributions that deserve to be republished online.

Last but not least, I call out to readers to SHOW SOME LOVE TO A FILIPINO AUTHOR(S) by sharing statements as to why they love their writing.  All writing styles. You can focus on authors dead or alive, send as many statements as you are moved to write.  You can praise authors not already mentioned or still to be mentioned. You need not be a critic, writer, scholar or teacher (though all are welcome). You need only be a Reader.

All Best,

Eileen R. Tabios
Contact: galateaten at gmail dot com

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