Monday, November 20, 2023


 Monobon by Jashley C. Laconico


Relief and Regrets 


Groceries at midnight. Flickering lights on grey aisles. A pack of Skyflakes. Twelve pieces of Biogesic. Black coffee sticks and apple juice. Crumpled hospital bill with a twenty pesos change. Two kilograms of rice form the mayor. Six pieces of blue Tramadol, finished in two days. Soothing balm for a ten seconds relief. Adult diaper with its previous receipt. Asking the staff if it’s refundable. 


My wrist is crying red tears. 





Jashley C. Laconico is a 19 years old non-binary lesbian writer from Silang, Cavite. They are currently a sophomore, studying AB Creative Writing in University of Santo Tomas. They are interested in different forms of sapphic media, particularly poetry and fiction novels. As a writer, their goal is to establish sapphic literature in the Philippines. 


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