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"Lyrics #3" from the book Have Come, Am Here by Jose Garcia Villa
(Viking, New York, 1942)

I wrote this poem in 1985, after reading Jose Garcia Villa's "Lyrics #3."  I was doing at the time an esoteric Daoist meditation called Microcosmic Orbit/Small Heavenly Circle -- the human body is a microcosm of the universe -- moving the Qi in the trajectory of two ancestral meridian channels, up on Du Mai (back line) from the base at Hui Yin/perineum to the Bai Hui/crown and down on Ren Mai (front line) :

-for Jose Garcia Villa

                                    Seize me and circle:
                                    Phoenix and Dragon together,
                                    Enter into my navel.  Enter.

                                    O what Joy stirs
                                    in my loins, deep,
                                    deeper. Into the bones
                                    hissing: O radium Light,
                                    descending. Into the
                                    Soul's meridians,
                                    burning. Diabolus
                                    of Pearl, ascending.
                                    It orbits the Heavens
                                    now, bright, brighter.
                                    It floats to Earth again:
                                    dark and still darker,
                                    here, there, pulsing.

                                    O Radiance, I'm falling.
                                    Ambushed, helpless, lost
                                    Between ecstacy and dying.


Rene Navarro is a poet and teacher of Daoist healing arts, martial arts, acupuncture, internal alchemy, tai chi, among others. He has a website:

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  1. Instantly transforming, Navarro's intimate poetry unveils the mortal self surrendering to the Immortal Self.